Lupus Regni

Many of the roleplays on Lupus Regni pick up after two major events-- The Battle for Tirith Isla and the escape of The Nameless from exile.   These two events involved many roleplayers, and the stories were complex and intertwined with one another.   As such, the fates of various characters and even whole breeds were impacted by the horrors unleashed on that terrible day. 

Tirith Isla

Tirith Isla - a smoking ruin
A smoking ruin overrun by feral Wind Spirits

The Elemental Island (named Tirith Isla by the Wolfsbane - meaning "Fortress Island" in the Ancient Tongue of Warg-kind ) is now a shadow of its former self. Once a virtual floating island paradise suspended above a great lake, it was created originally thanks to the contributions and cooperative efforts of many, powerful Elemental Beings. And consequently, the island had a myriad of climatic and geographic conditions.

Eventually, The Wolfsbane (the great Warg Skeezix) took the island as his own to raise his family. It had long-since been abandoned by its elemental inhabitants when they faced conflict with his predecessor, The Ancient Dire Wolfsbane and his pack of evil ne'er-do-wells, Evil Wind. The presence of Skeezix, his family of little Wargettes, and his evil army of Kobolds, War Orcs, Wind Spirits (and even a captive Ogre!) was not well tolerated by Mother Nature and she began to remove her sustaining presence from the Island. As a result, the winds that held the island aloft began to fade and the land began to wither. She even introduced a quite nasty little mite into the water supply, so that any of evil taint who waded into the streams and ponds would be infected by a terrible parasite that caused extreme skin itching within minutes of exposure to the vicious, microscopic-sized beasts.

The island had become both a home and a near impregnable fortress. Skeezix's daughters and their adoptive mother (the light wolf Medell) dwelled on the verdant surface beneath sunlit skies, while his teeming army of Kobolds toiled and ruled within the island's dark caverns. But, there were other "residents" present within the catacombs. Bespelled into magical sleep, two enemies of The Wolfsbane slumbered in their prison. Taarinth, the Netris Demon Prince of Taarquion, and Narganya, the first Blitz Wolf to reach the Realm of Wolves. Taarinth was beaten and captured by Skeezix after a battle for the Faith of Affliction, a stone that holds the souls of Vampire-kind. Narganya was offered an alliance with the Wolfsbane, but as a member of the Black Blood Alliance, she was defiant. Faced off against her, the Kobolds and Orcs who offered this alliance made noises that Narganya mistook as a threat while she walked away. She killed several of the humanoid creatures and was subsequently captured and transported to Tirith Isla by a Wind Spirit. There, she killed as many Kobolds as she could before she was finally captured by four other Wind Spirits and bespelled to sleep by the Wind Mage Rivet. Enraged at the slaughter of so many Kobolds, Rivet would have killed the rampaging Blitz if not for the restraining paw of The Wolfsbane. The complex spell that held Narganya was linked to the spell that held Taarinth and was also linked to the oncoming war with the Elementals. Like a trigger of unleashed doom, the irascible, female Blitz would awaken if one Elemental being touched the island, and she would be mystically compelled to kill the unlucky intruder.

Taarinth was later awoken from his own mystically-induced slumbers to capture and retrieve an Angel-Demon wolf known as Rah'la. Under the instruction (threat, really) of a banished, former Queen Of Hell (The Nameless) who spoke to him through the voice of a weakened and strange Wind Spirit, he kidnapped the Angel-Demon and delivered her to a portal deep within the frontiers of Hell. Unfortunately for Taarinth, he was rewarded for this 'loyal' service by being abandoned in this distant, burning reality for some months.

Finally, the eve of the War for Tirith Isla arrived. Two of The Wolfsbane's three daughters were swept off the island by Mother Nature. All winds that sustained the air-borne island were calmed; only the combined strength of the Wolfsbane's LEGION of Wind Spirits kept it aloft. And even worse for the hapless, evil inhabitants of this seemingly cursed island, the conditions of anarchy, then an actual civil war erupted between the two strongest Kobold factions for control of the fortress. The starving form of Narganya was awoken from slumber by an overly curious Wind Elemental (Lariah) and the Snow Elemental (Opal) who tried to stop her. The Blitz wolf murdered Lariah and attempted to kill Opal before she fully awoke from her stupor. Unable to leave the island, she cannibalized Lariah's body and let her superior metabolism repair her own starving body.

As Narganya napped while healing, her dream was visited by Taarinth. Realizing that their spells were linked and that he was her best hope for leaving the Island, Narganya was convinced by the Taarquion Demon Prince to open a Hell Gate for his return from Hell. Unbeknownst to Narganya, the spell he had instructed her to recite would not merely open a portal. During the few minutes of conversation he had with the Blitz femme fatale, the Prince had apparently became quite smitten with her and chose to make her the new Queen of Taarquion, in his absent mother's place. The spell she recited also coronated her as Queen.

Meanwhile, with the cooperation of The Nameless, the Serpentizer of Taarquion (Unoma!) sent a great number of wolves throughout the Realm 2000 years into the past where they would live as humans. Among their number were The Wolfsbane and his LEGION of Wind Spirits, Narganya, and several vampires (most notably, Tempest Lyght and her... partner?... Slain).

Upon the opening of the fiery portal for Taarinth, the Elementals began their campaign against the Wolfsbane's forces. Unfortunately, the unstable spell was interrupted by a cascade of mystic events, and Taarinth was unable to travel through it. Narganya was returned from the past to the same point in time that she left. And, though she cared not for helping the Elementals, she joined the campaign against the Kobolds and Orcs (she despised them so). The war was brutal and bloody, but nothing prepared them for what was to come.

A new Hell Gate portal unexpectedly opened and unleashed four, Fire Elk Netris Gods upon the now suffering island. The portal detonated and killed the vast majority of combatants... Kobolds, War Orcs, AND even the attacking Elementals! Narganya was strangely protected from the blast. These beings had arrived to take part in her coronation and fought to the death for her favor. The victor of this violent, deadly duel, (Basz) sacrificed himself to the new Taarquion Queen and she consumed him. Doing so imbued her with his strength so that she may have a better chance of surviving her descent into Netrisicae (one of the realities of Hell), her testing, and subsequent ascension as Queen.

Survivors of the war and Hell Gate explosion are few. Fell, daughter of Skeezix has been separated from her mother (Medell) and her sisters (Tiernath and Iseult). She is also being harassed by feral Wind Spirits. Medell has survived with Rivet (the Wind Mage) and has now fully bonded with her own Wind Spirit (Zyia)... yes, a new light Wind Rider has been born.

Now that some of the dust has settled, things do not look good for the Island. The portal's detonation and the fights between the Fire Elk Netris Gods ruined it. Rock has turned to dust. Every drop of water on the surface is now vapor. Vegetation is burned out. The idyllic Eden has been essentially destroyed and few of its caretakers live.

A howl for the dead
Two elemental survivors mourning the dead