Lupus Regni

About Lupus Regni

Lupus Regni is a site with a full, illustrious history. We started as members of who wanted a section to roleplay on the forums in 1999 and grew into a great roleplaying community with hundreds of active members and finally became what we are today. After a recent two year hiatus, we chose to continue the roleplay section on our own site, naming it Lupus Regni, roughly 'Wolf Kingdom', a play on the term 'Realm of Wolves' which we have used for so long. Lupus Regni was created with the sole purpose of breathing life into this world that we have worked so hard to create. Though we allow all ages, we do expect some maturity and, more importantly, respect from our members but that definitely doesn't hamper our silliness (we can be a very, very silly bunch both in and out of roleplay!). With a sections for playing both within and without the established world and history, you can always find something to suit your fancy! Fifteen years of information has been compiled and separated into easily understood sections for optional in-depth reading whenever you desire it. This Library system makes it easy to join years old Legendary packs and territories with enough knowledge to learn how to use it to best suit your specific plot needs- and believe me, sometimes it's the small details that can change history!

Our community has been described as a family and it's been said that you can never really leave the group. Members have gone missing for years and returned to us, only making that statement more true. Many of our members have watched each other grow up, counseled each other through hard-times, marriages, births, deaths, and more. We are a group who truly care about one another. Though not everyone always gets along with one another, it's more likely to find a cherished friend within our community than an enemy.  We are very excited to include and encourage new members and hope you'll join us in our ongoing adventures. 

About LR Roleplay

Roleplay at Lupus Regni is open to all levels from beginner to advanced and all ages (though 13 and up is preferred due to content). Everyone has to start somewhere and we have always been a place to do just that! We even have an optional mentor program for beginners, our Big Brother/Sister program, for members who feel like they could use a little time under another member's 'wing'. We use fluid time here which means that your character can be in two threads at once as long as one is takes place some time before or after the other (there are also exceptions to this, of course). While we are centered around wolves, we allow nearly everything you can imagine. Bring on the creativity!

We have two sections for roleplay on the site: In Realm and Out of Realm.

The In Realm section is the main focus of the site. This is the 'world' or 'universe' where LR history has been played out and this is where history is created. Everything in the Library section of the site refers to this section of the forum. All Legendary packs, individuals, and wars took place here. The Realm was once our world until war helped to wipe out the human race in 2018, thousands of years ago, leaving wolves as the world's top predator. Wolves have changed drastically since then and many strange breeds are now found in the Realm. There are many dimensions or 'worlds' that are tied into and interact with the Realm as well, including Hell as one of the most prominent.

Outside the established history, lies the Out of Realm section of the forum. Here you can create your own history, different from the established one. You can have your own ruler of Hell, for example. Perhaps there is another top predator in your storyline? Or maybe you want to play on another planet entirely? This section of the forum is a very open area where, other than adhering to the site rules, things are very much what you make them. We do, however, insist that roleplays here are fairly original or have an original twist put on them.