Lupus Regni Scroll

You enter a quiet, hushed area of The Realm..... Before you, is a very large, improbably colored, black and purple-striped Warg, hunched in fierce concentration over a pile of some yellowed - very aged - pages of ancient scrolls. Pushing up a small set of wire-rimmed spectacles on his muzzle with an overlarge paw, he turns to regard you with *blinking* yellow eyed curiosity behind those reading glasses....

He returns to his studies, but a large, golden Rebel Dire approaches with barely contained enthusiasm. Her green eyes glint with excitement as she speaks.

"Welcome to the Library!"
"Oh yes. Sorry."

The wolfess appears contrite and sheepish, but emerald eyes soon glance furtively about before she whispers, "Don't make the Warg mad. He used to be the Bane of Wolves, y'know. But he's still a Wind Rider and a bit of a grumpy-face, annnnd his Wind Spirit is hiding around here somewhere, soooooo... yeah. Let's avoid getting both our butts kicked, eh?"

*Ahem* Here you will find details regarding our breeds, history, and legends. Our community has created a rich tapestry of written history over the course of fifteen years, and it can be a tad daunting to learn it. So it is our hope to that this little library will assist you in character creation and encourage you to join us for an adventure.

Snippets of some of the more common breeds are contained in these tomes. We hope to include major events in the history section and biographies of legendary individuals and packs as we continue construction of Lupus Regni.

Wind Spirits