Lupus Regni
We have always been a family-oriented PG-13 site and will continue to be. We accept members of all ages but we do want to state that some rp threads marked "mature" will contain some graphic and otherwise inappropriate content. LR accepts all levels of roleplay, it is also a safe place to learn and improve your skill.

General Site Rules

- All members are to be respectful of others, reguardless of race, sex, location, age, religious or political views, etc...

- Hate messages, threats, violent messages or similar actions will result in permanent banning and possible legal action against the person.

- Multiple accounts are allowed and even encouraged as there are added perks to having separate character accounts. Though we must insist that if you have multiple accounts, you do not try to impersonate anyone else or as a brand new member. No one likes being lied to.

- Keep slang/internet shorthand to a minimum. Things like 'lol' and 'nvm' are not allowed in roleplay posts (unless kept strictly to ooc). However TyPiNg LyKe DiS is strictly forbidden.

- Profanity (cursing, cussing, ect) is allowed by we ask that you keep it to a minimum. We prefer it within rp posts only so please keep that in mind when using it.

- Pornographic, crude, excessively violent, or hateful images are not allowed on the forums.

General Roleplay Rules

- Here are LR, you are not required to post a profile for your character and you do not need permission to start roleplaying. Jump right in!

- There is no limit to how many characters you can make and we don't keep track of your characters. However, you should check the Names Taken thread to make sure the name you wish to use has not already been claimed for a specific character. You do not have to enter your own character names in the Names Taken list.

- All point-of-views are allowed but third person is most commonly used. Please state when making RP requests if you use anything but third person.

- All threads should be marked appropriately when there is reason to mark them. Private, open, and mature are some of the tags you might see on a thread. If there is no tag on the thread and no note at the top of the first post, then you are free to assume the post is open and safe for younger members to join.

- Mature threads should be marked with an M. While we accept mature threads, please remember that the site is still aimed at family and PG-13 so please to not write graphic matings or explicit gore even in mature marked threads. Meaning; keep mature posts around PG16.

- God-moding and power-playing is not allowed. This is when you take control of another person's character without their permission, i.e. killing someone's character in a fight, saying your character watched someone else's character climb a tree when they didn't. If you have someone's permission to control their character, please make a small note of it so it never becomes a problem.

- Do not kill another person's character without permission.

- We do not have a minimum or maximum post length but we strongly suggest making posts of at least one paragraph.

Character Creation

- All animals are accepted here though we cater mostly to wolves. Out of the Realm, humans of any time and society are allowed. However In Realm, there are strict rules on playing humans. You must follow the guidelines when playing a human in the Realm.

- Any age, gender, sexuality, and personality is allowed.

- All natural and fictional species are accepted (with permission of the breed owner/creator if the breed is fictional). You may create your own breed and put up a breed profile for others if you wish. Breeds are added to the main site when a breed has reached so many active members.

- Invincible characters are not allowed. Immortal, as in 'not aging' such as vampires, is allowed. All characters must be capable of dying.

- All colors, sizes, and details are allowed, though we ask that you refrain from Alice In Wonderland type sizes; Don't make a character that is as big as a house or smaller than a flower. In the Realm, Dires and Hellhounds are among the largest of the wolf breeds and the Nadawi are the smallest to date. Please ask before making a character or breed of an extreme size.

- If your character dies in one thread, it cannot be found in another without a reasonable explanation. I.e. Ghost, zombie, somehow revived, or the thread takes place in the past.


- Anyone can make a pack and stake claim on open land.

- Anyone has the ability to claim alpha status. You may only claim this when it has been earned or when it is a pack you have created, you may not claim your character was or is the alpha of someone else's pack that you did not fairly take rule over. Understandbly, if your pack has no members, claiming to be an alpha of that pack holds little weight.

- When joining a pack, abide by the rules set up by the pack owner/creator. Remember! Your character can be punished and killed if they break the rules.

In Realm Specific Rules

- All-powerful or Godly characters can not be created. Those titles that reach near-godly status must be earned. If you are unsure about where the power your character has, feel free to ask a staff member.

- If you have a Legendary or Alpha Title, you must remain active in order to keep it! If you are inactive, without warning, for so much time, your character risks losing this title. This means that if you have the title of Alpha of Evil Wind or Queen of Vampires and you go inactive, you must have your character figure out how to regain that title icly. Upon returning, you must work things out in character. This can result in a battle to the death if that is how the characters involved wish to settle things. You cannot simply work things oocly and expect things to work. Find a way to make things work or give up on having the Title. If there is a problem concerning this, contact a staff member and we will help you out. There should not be disagreements oocly involving this rule.

- Packs within the Realm can only claim unused land. This includes former pack territories that are not currently used but you must keep the territory details and abide but the rules of that territory. Open territories are free to your imagination, please be as creative as you wish.