Lupus Regni

The Nameless

Hello, Curious Ones.
I am, The Nameless.

And yes, that is surely NOT my True Name. But you ask, (not unreasonably) WHAT is this creature called, The Nameless?
So, please do allow me to explain this question. I am the HELL that many have often referred to, but have never truly known. Dante’? Hah! A brilliant dreamer, (And, he was certainly a beautiful man). If only, ‘The Inferno’ could have placed my existence in your Reality so exactly? Ahhhhh yesssss…. many have suspected my existence, but few indeed have realized the Reality of the evil that truly exists.

And yesssssss.... Please let me assure you in advance: I surely DO exist.

So, what is ‘The Nameless’ True Name? Hmmmmmm, maybe you will be able to ask my own new 'Bane Of Wolves,( The Rah'la), what my True Name actually is? Hah! And unfortunately, that is indeed the game you and I must play for now. So many names. What are they really? Context? Recognition? Ahhhh well.... you may now know me as, ‘Beezelebulb’, ‘Satan’, or even ‘ol’ Scratch’ if you like ( though I NEVER liked that one...). And yes, ‘The Devil’ will do nicely if nothing else suffices, I suppose.

Ahhhh… But, it WILL do to remember one thing, however.... I AM the Queen Of All Hell.

And, there we are, hmmmmm? There are many things I am. And yes, there are some things I am NOT…… But, if you are an Evil Creature? Then, there are many things in your career that I MAY find exceptional. Perhaps even enjoyable. But, then again…….. maybe not.
For example, DISLOYALTY is one of those things I have always found, rather..... Disagreeable. (Imagine that!). But, my interest in your activities and evil adventures should – and is – a most advantageous thing. Please me? And you WILL be rewarded. And, if you still profess and hold loyalty to my predecessor, Cerberus? This too, is well. And yes, your prayers and petitions will be honored – if properly amended – by the True Recipient of your request. Oh yes, and it may be helpful to know this undeniable fact,

CERBERUS? The once “Black Queen”? Is now indeed, no more....

So.... are you a so-called Creature of The Light? Are you someone who truly hates ME with all of their righteous little heart? Hah! Then the feeling is returned.
And know this, foolish little creature: You Are Doomed.
And, WILL burn..... along with this Realm you would fight to save! But, I will always be there, if you change your mind. If you question your faith, or realize the hypocrisy of your belief. Oh yes, I will ALWAYS be there to help you – when you Fall.

With Love Always,
The Nameless