Lupus Regni

Welcome to the breeds section of the Library. Here you will learn about the most popular and the Legendary breeds of Lupus Regni.  Yes, some of our breeds have been seen on countless other sites and media.  However, our lore tends to differ slightly, and we ask that you read through their profiles before making assumptions as the differences can be very important.  Some breeds are connected to specific packs.  Additionally, there may be extra rules associated with them.  Not all breeds are available to play.  Some are very exclusive, so availability will be listed.  Also please note that some breeds have multiple varieties within them.

Dark Angellics

Dark Angellics (DA) are a rather uncommon sight in the Realm, but their impact has been great. This light breed of mystic wolves are led by the Fallen Queen, Kozmo.

They are roughly the same size as timber wolves but have delicate, slender frames. They tend to move very gracefully, often giving the illusion of floating across terrain. They are petite compared to other races except in cases where a wolf is chosen to be turned into a DA, then large frames are accepted. They are dark in coloration, such as black, grey, or brown. However, in rare cases, white can be the base color of their pelts. In addition to the dark base, they generally have a dual-colored pelt, such as silver and black, or maroon and black (any color will do). In rarer cases, there have been tri-colored Dark Angellics, but these are flukes and are unavailable to roleplay. These wolves have feathered wings that are generally the same base color as their pelt. They can be straight color or edged in the other color of the pelt, but cannot be the second color altogether. Their eyes are slightly slanted and have an exotic, feline look. The irises are light in color, usually blue, but lavender and green are also accepted.

Dark Angellics are typically light wolves who are very trusting and accepting. This makes them susceptible to all kinds of trouble from all sides. They tend to mate for life. If their mate leaves, they fall into a deep depression, and often become suicidal. However, it has been known for one to take several mates, though this is rare. Females are more common than males as their survivability is much greater during puppy-hood than for males. Hence why there are Queens amongst the DA instead of Kings. However, if a male does survive his childhood and adolescence, the throne can be passed down to him.

Dark Angellic packs are very, very rare.

These wolves have an odd social hierarchy, especially compared to other species in the Realm of Wolves. The Father is considered to be their God, and, if the pack is pure, if a DA is in power of a pack, will often times train their pack to follow the ways of the Father, as well. Worship, in organized fashion, happens once every month, during which the pack benath a DA will be also asked to participate. If the DA is in a separate pack, however, they will simply leave for a few hours to be alone. Under the Father is the Queen. The Queen is the one with the power to strip rank, and ALSO give rank, including taking a mere mortal wolf and bestowing the Gift of the Father upon them. Stripping rank occurs when a DA goes against the Father's teachings- OR kills an innocent, steals, or does anything which could be construed as "sinful" in the Father's eyes. The Queen also has the power to sense others in the vicinity that are Light and she has mild telepathic abilities. Occasionally, their aura can speak to the outside world. Beneath the Queen are her four advisers. These Dark Angellics can join packs other than the one the Queen is in, but often refrain. They are revered by the race, as a whole, for they are often mystics, with untapped abilities they are not aware of. These wolves are usually known among the race as "the Big Four". They typically have abilities that go beyond the normal scope of the Dark Angellic. These are the ones who can turn to mist, melt into the ground, etc.

 | 'Fallen' Dark Angellics |
These are the lowest of the low. Sometimes stripped, usually on the fringe of society. They have no honor, no moral code. They are the most unpredictable and the most dangerous of them all.

Breed Owner:  Kozmo
Availability:  Limited
Enemies:  Dark wolves, Dires, Vampires
Associated Packs:  Forbidden Doom


Trinity, Dire Wolf


(former Alpha of Evil Wind)

Dire wolves are one of the main powerhouses of the Realm. They are muscular and nearly twice as large as a large male grey wolf at 200-­250 lbs for females and 250­-300 lbs for males. They stand at around 42-­55 inches tall at the shoulder on average, with females on the shorter side and males normally a bit taller. Because they are naturally ‘bulked up’, well-­muscled creatures, this trait causes them to appear quite stocky. The modern­-day evil Dire Wolves of The Realm are always winged, with leathery ‘bat wings’ the more common trait seen, though feathered wings are sometimes found. There are non-­evil Dire Wolves in The Realm. But, while physically the same in size, the non-­evil Dire Wolf will always be non-winged. There are regional variants of Dire Wolves, which have adapted to their natural environment and look physically different from the Dire found in other regions of The Realm. For instance, the more typical Dire Wolf of The Realm would be properly called the Sylvan type, which is adapted to life and survival in temperate, forested areas. The desert has its own type of Dire Wolf, who have supremely adapted their physical appearance and traits to survive in this harsh, unforgiving environment. Arctic and Jungle-adapted types of Dire Wolves are possible in The Realm. And though Dires may appear quite different in physical appearance from each other, they are all in fact variations of the same species of wolf. Dires have been around the Realm since the beginning, rising up to take a large chunk of the Realm as their own. Today however, they are not quite as common.

Breed Owner: None
Availability:  Free
Enemies:  Vampires, Light Wolves
Associated Packs:  Evil Wind

| Desert Dires |
Desert Dire wolves are evil, winged wolves that have become supremely adapted to survive and thrive in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the desert. Home for these wolves is the vast and trackless wasteland of the Lost Territory. Appearing radically different from the ‘Sylvan’ (Forest Dwelling) Dire Wolf, the Desert Dire are in fact, the very same species of wolf. The Desert Dire present a slightly thinner appearance than their stockier cousins. One reason is that meals are a bit harder to find in the desert. Plus, the fur on these desert-dwelling denizens is not as luxurious and thick as the woodland Dire, but is coarser and denser growing. They are generally a light tan color, have pupil-less red eyes, very large paws, and a venomous barb at the tip of their long, fluffy tails.

A more complete Desert Dire description can be found
here. The Desert Dires have a long and rich history as old as The Realm itself, and new adventures for these amazing wolves continue to evolve and happen. Do you think you’re ready to experience wolven life in the unforgiving, FURNACE of the Lost Territory?

| Rebel Dires |
So one must ask, why do Dires have wings? Hmmm... well, not all of them do. Indeed, wings are gifted to them! They are imbued with the Dark Gift of flight by the ruling Queen of Hell. But! There are Dires who despise the Black Queen and refuse to pay obeisance to her. These are the Rebel Dires! As a consequence for their treachery, they lose their wings. It is an agonizing process. They are overwhelmed by a terrible infection that eats their wings away and can leave them very ill for days. Most Rebels are light or neutral wolves who abhor their evil brethren and their monarch, but occasionally one comes across a dark Rebel who will not yield to the mighty ruler of Hell.

Breed Owner: None
Availability:  Free
Allies:  Timber Falls, Legion of Light
Enemies:  Dires, Evil Wind
Associated packs:  Rebel Wind


Cross, Vampire


Vampires are a very common breed in the Realm and have existed longer than any being can remember. They have their own hierarchy, regardless of what associations an individual character may have, and are ruled by the current King and/or Queen. The King and Queen gain their status through a mix of related qualities including age, power and strength, and can be achieved if the Royals step down or goes missing. Of the 4 vampire types, the Royals are the strongest followed closely by their creations called Regales. The rest of the vampires are collectively called Fledglings, no matter how many years since they were created, though a Fledgling created by a Regale will be stronger than your average Fledgling just as a Fledgling created by a brand new vampire will remain among the weakest. Just outside of vampire-kind sits the half-vampires who are generally cast out and often killed upon sight but have been gaining acceptance following the birth of half-vampires in Tempest Lyght's litter.

All vampires share a few of the same inflictions though the severity varies with each type of vampire including bloodletting, immortality, incessant Hunger, heightened senses, a slight darkening of appearance, bloodshot eyes, extra-long fangs, and the inability to reproduce. Any character can become a vampire and, since their personality does not change, they are not always evil and can be any alliance.

Current Queen and King: Tempest Lyght & Slain

Breed Owner: None
Availability:  Fledglings and half-vampires are Free.  Regales are Limited.  Royals are Very Limited.
Allies:  Taarquion
Enemies: Dire Wolves, Evil Wind, Wind Riders
Associated Packs:  Vampire Alliance

| Royalty |
Royal vampires are the rarest of all vampires, the most famous, and the strongest. They are usually the oldest vampires in existence and are respected by all members of vampire-kind. They are the leaders. While it seems as if they would be all-powerful there are certain drawbacks to being a Royal vampire such as the increased frequency of feedings on large, sentient creatures and being a target for all enemies of the breed. The Royal Family consists of the current reigning King and/or Queen, their spawn, and occasionally other blood connections such as offspring.

Cross, Vampire


Current Royals: Queen Tempest Lyght, her partner Slain. Their pups are also, loosely, considered Royals and do not have all the same attributes as a normal Royal would. Their children are considered Princes and Princesses and include Dark Angellics Azala and Tsuchi and half-vampires Seirei and GoldMoon.

Availability: Royal Vampires are never created. It is a very highly respected position both within and outside of roleplay. There have only ever been a handful of Royal characters and both the character and roleplayer must be up to the challenge of taking the position when the option does arise.

| Regales |

Regales are the second strongest members of the breed and some of the quickest creatures in the Realm, outdone only by Blitz Wolves. They are the product of a Royal creating a vampire. This is the only way for a Regale to be made and it must be done ICly. There have been many Regales over the years.

Availability: Must be created through roleplay with a Royal vampire. You may ask someone playing a Royal if you can work something out to get a Regale vampire but it is their choice to accept or decline.

| Fledglings |

| Half-vampire |