Lupus Regni

Welcome to Lupus Regni.  This website is dedicated to the art of literary wolf roleplay.  As a community, we have been writing stories together for over 15 years.  We are especially fond of playing mystical wolves, but our characters represent many kinds of animals... everything from cats and bats to unicorns and... turtles?  Yep, we actually do have a turtle crawling around.

Most of our story-telling revolves around the Realm of Wolves.  Many other realities intersect and influence this Realm, the worlds of Heaven and Hell for instance, but some characters pass through their lives without ever encountering other-worldly beings. Currently, our major story-line is centered around the spectacular consequences of the Battle for Tirith Isla and the concurrent escape of a celestial deity known only as The Nameless. 

The Battle for Tirith Isla decimated the Elemental population of the entire Realm.  Rebuilding their numbers will be difficult.  The brutal altercation also led to the rise of a new evil Queen of Taarquion... an unintended consequence of the machinations set into motion by The Wolfsbane, a great Warg who has since lost his title thanks to the plans of The Nameless.

The Nameless, the rightful Queen of all Hell, has escaped her prison with the reluctant help of her own Bane of Wolves. 

Terrible repercussions loom for all in the Realm thanks to the powerful events that have taken place here.  We hope you will join us in deciding the Realm's fate.  Will evil win or will good rise up against it?  Only time will tell. 

Medell and Zyia